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Company’s Coming

The countdown to Christmas is on and there’s lots to do to prepare for the holidays.  Haul out the outdoor lights, find the tree decorations, hit the stores with that ever-growing shopping list, start planning your baking schedule and oh ya, company’s coming and the guest room looks like the place where all the old mix-matched furniture went to die!  Yikes!

Relax.  You still have the time to transform that guest bedroom easily; using all the existing old furniture that you already have on hand.  Overnight guests aren’t expecting a hotel suite, but you should strive to make the space as welcoming and comfortable as possible…a little bit more than just a place to hang their hat.  Here’s an easy checklist of guest room must-haves, sure to transform your accommodations for your family and friends en route to your place this Christmas.



  1. Pillows, pillows and more pillows!

Most guest rooms are smaller spaces, so there usually isn’t room for a chair or settee.  Pillows not only dress the bed making the focal point of the room enveloping and cozy, but they can be propped up for comfortable reading in bed; doubling for that chair that just won’t fit.  (Ideally, if you have the space,  add a great arm chair or upholstered bench even).


  1. Bedside Table and Lamp

At least one nightstand surface and ambient lighting is necessary.  The nightstand serves as home base for your guests personal items, even if there’s only room for a small one.  The lighting serves an obvious purpose, but is so often forgotten and folks rely on the rooms’ dingy surface mounted overhead bulb in the ceiling.  This does not say “welcome”!


  1. Hooks

If your guest room closet serves as your overflow space for your own wardrobe (and mine certainly does), then hooks are a must in your guest room.  A few thoughtfully placed hooks are decorative and functional for hanging up a bag, robe, or towel.  If you have room for a chest of drawers, even better.  A small dresser allows guests who may be staying for more than a night an option for storage so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase during their visit.


  1. Extra Blanket

A fabulous host won’t forget the extra blanket!  Save your guests having to ask for an additional layer on a chilly night by placing a cozy blanket at the foot of the bed.  I love styling a bed with lots of layers, so the extra blanket is a no-brainer.  It just finishes the whole look and good design doesn’t just look good, it’s functional too.


  1. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

This just makes sense, doesn’t it?  A mirror allows your guest a place to ‘check their look’ before they come down for breakfast.  If the family is sharing one bathroom, a mirror in the guest room allows your guest to put make-up on in the bedroom vs. fighting for a turn in the bathroom.  Plus, a mirror helps to make a room feel , well roomier…and we’ve already discussed that most guest rooms are on the smaller side, so be sure to hang one up!


  1. Tray

A tray tells your guest that this is the place for their personal items.  A great landing spot for jewellery or toiletries, a tray will help your guest keep their belongings organized and accessible.


Bonus Guest Room Decorating Tips and Finishing Touches

  • Paint out that mix-matched furniture in the same colour to create uniformity
  • A box of tissues at the bedside saves your guest a trip down the hall after a little sneeze.
  • Small stack of magazines or some good books warms a space and provides some easy reading material.  Chances are you know your guest well, so selecting reading material they enjoy is a nice personal touch.
  • Furnish the room with a universal charger for your guests’ cell phone, laptop or tablet.  It’s one of the top things people forget when they travel, so help keep them juiced with this techie touch!
  • Add a selection of travel-sized toiletries in a nice basket or canister to really equip your guest room and take it to over-the-top thoughtful and styled perfectly!


Company’s coming.  With these budget-friendly tips and finishing touches, your guest room is all but a weekend DIY project away from done!

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