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A Christmas Home-Do

A few  weeks ago I had Thanksgiving inspiration on my mind.  This week, I’m skipping right over Halloween and moving straight to Christmas!  Now, the only reason I’m talking Christmas while the calendar just flipped to October is because of the conversations I’ve had with some of my clients lately.  Also, I’ve been known to be a bit of a planner when it comes to my interior decor plans for Christmas, so I’m hoping to get your wheels turning ahead of time as well.

Just like my ‘almost famous’ tablescapes, my Christmas decorating schemes could also easily become my claim to fame!  That said, I guess my enthusiasm for festive planning is rubbing off on my clients…they are also chomping at the bit to get a Christmas plan underway early in the game.  So, it got me thinking, why not offer some Christmas Home-Do’s to all my Home Lovers out there?


What’s a Christmas Home-Do?  Well, it’s along the same lines as why we all make sure we get our hair-do’s done just ahead of the holidays.  We want to look good over the festive season and we especially want to look good in all the pictures snapped over the holidays too!  So, for Home Lovers, we feel the same way about our homes as we do our hair.  As we host families and friends in our homes over the holidays, we want  our homes to shine.  We want our homes to evoke the nostalgia of Christmases past.  We want our homes to impress and be the backdrop for the seasons’ most talked about party.  We want our homes to transform into a magical Christmas wonderland  for our children’s sake.  Whatever the reason, we want our homes to look good for the holidays …so book your Christmas Home-Do now!


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Whether you book a Home-Do with us or not, I do hope you are inspired to think about your Christmas decorating plan for your home this year.  Want to DIY it?  The key to pulling it all off at the busiest time of year is planning.  I’ve been approaching Christmas decorating at my farmhouse in a staged-in approach for the last five years and it’s an approach that works, so here’s your Home Lovers Tip for a “DIY Christmas”:

#1 First and foremost, stick to a theme.  Commit to it. 

The minute you veer off theme, you risk crossing over to borderline tacky Christmas decorations, and no one wants that!  Your theme should carry from room to room for a seamless consistency.  Just like in every day design.  Trust me, it will have more impact that way and it will be much easier to execute as you DIY.

#2 Work From The Outside, In

  • Last weekend of November – Exterior lights go up and dress entry and front door.  Keep it simple and tasteful.  The goal isn’t to win Battle of the Bulbs!

#3 Everything But The Tree

  • First weekend of December – Interior decor completed.  Simplify this and focus on entertaining areas.  Dining, Living, Guest Powder Room and some touches in the Kitchen, because everyone ends up in the kitchen!  There’s no need to decorate every room in the entire house…unless you want to of course.  But remember, it all has to come down and get packed away in a few weeks, so better to make an impact in key areas rather than spread yourself too thin with little impact.

#4 It’s All About the Tree

  • Second weekend of December – get the tree up and fully decorated.  If you are a real Christmas tree type family (like mine), plan to buy your tree a day or two ahead of decorating day.  On decorating day, bring the tree in and let it settle before stringing lights so the branches come down a bit and you can see what you’re really working with shape wise.

There’s nothing nicer than entertaining in your home over the holidays.  I encourage you to put some thought into your decorating plan this year and really enjoy the process.  Then, sit back and enjoy the big ‘reveal’ when your friends and family come over!  But remember, if the thought of tackling your Christmas decorating alone makes you want to skip right in to 2017, let us give you a Home-Do just in time for the holidays!


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